Welcome to THE DAD BOD BLOG. Below you will find posts that include a workout and a word (a thought, a scripture, a reflection, etc). This blog is the result of a group of guys (mostly dads) who work out together several days a week at 5:30am. Most of the workouts are bodyweight driven. We use a medicine ball, a pull-up bar, and we occasionally use dumbbells and other exercise equipment, but most of of the workouts can be completed without any equipment whatsoever. The workouts are 100% modifiable, so feel free to adjust it to fit your strength and skill level. Our workouts are cardio driven and usually feel similar to a HIIT style workout or a fitness bootcamp workout. These workouts are designed to improve your strength, cardio, and overall health regardless of your current level of fitness. We are just a bunch of dads and average joes who are trying our best to take care of our bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually.

At the end of each of our workouts someone always shares a word or thought for the day. Many times the word is focused on something that applies to being a dad, but it’s always applicable to anyone who desires to improve their life when it comes to their body, mind, and soul. The word is usually brief (5 minutes or less) because our goal is to get the workout and the word completed in under an hour. Usually we stretch and warm up for 15 minutes (code for stroll in a few minutes late), we workout for 30-35 minutes, and we cool down and stretch for 10-15 minutes while someone shares a word. We finish our workout with a prayer and we are out by 6:30am. We have found this to be a great way to start the day, and we have all seen significant growth physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our hope is that through this blog we can share the experience with more dads and dads-to-be, and that it will have a significant impact on you personally and on your family too.